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My second flash game

2011-04-16 19:24:59 by 123Hexordestuctor

Thanks to everyone who played urban warfare and took the time to make suggestions, a sequel is in the works, which I hope will address some of the issues mentioned to me, and they are as follows:

1. Reloading no longer takes all exp away
2.The cover can be destroyed if you hide under it by enemy (or friendly) fire
3.Your gun won't explode if you run out of ammo
4.Two first aid kits are given to you at the start which you can use to heal yourself
5.Art is (hopefully) improved, though I still cannot afford photoshop or illustrator (gimp also does not work on my PC for some reason)
6.There is a wider variety of first person animations

Thanks to everyone who tried the first Urban Warfare (even if you do end up blaming it).